My Story

Moxie Momma is a woman-owned business based just west of Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in fun and impactful women’s t-shirts and tanks. All items are made in-house using high-quality materials, premium heat transfer vinyl, and a commercial-grade press. In other words, your design will not fade over time.

The brand itself defines me and my personality: The definition for Moxie (noun) is 1: Energy, Pep ✓  2: Courage, Determination ✓ (add in a little witty too).

My daughter, my first love, calls me “Momma.” She’s the driving force behind every idea, purpose, and decision thus it only made sense to include her in my brand.

My mission is to build a community where women, from all walks of life, feel confident, strong, and support one another. Whether you’re a mom, businesswoman, cancer survivor, or single, be proud of who you are and show itwith a little moxie of course.