Moxie Momma is a female-owned brand for women in all phases of life. I make (and sometimes design) apparel focusing on empowering expression and inspiring confidence. The t-shirts and tank tops have unique, fun, and inspirational sayings. Many are exclusive. I strive to offer materials that are comfortable, easy to care for, and flattering.

The brand itself defines me and my personality: The definition for Moxie (noun) is 1: Energy, Pep ✓ 2: Courage, Determination ✓ (add in a little witty too). My daughter, calls me “Momma.” She’s the driving force behind every idea, purpose, and decision thus it only made sense to include her in my brand.

Express yourself. Feel confident. Be moxie.

Tomi & Megan

Moxie Momma was founded in 2020 and is based just west of Cleveland, Ohio.