The day it happened was like any other day in my house – I was up way too early contemplating the homeschool day ahead, my three year old, Jacob, running rampant somewhere in the house. I was tired as I sipped my coffee while I watched as much of the Today Show as I could before Jacob demanded my attention. I’m sure I was caught up in some chaotic sweep of thoughts about how little time I had to do the things I needed to do that day.  I’m sure I was aggravated as my son yelled “Moooooomma!”  from the other side of the house interrupting my too short moment of quiet each moment.

Then it happened.  I stopped and stared at the TV unsure of what I was seeing as the first plane hit.  I continued to watch as the drama unfolded and the reality of what was happening hit me.  Suddenly, the things I was worried about seemed so trivial.

Today I remember those whose lives were and continue to be affected by 9/11 and the events that unfolded so horrifically before our eyes that day.  I would never begin to equate any loss I have ever experienced with that of those who lost loved ones so unexpectedly that day.

I pray that some sense of peace enters their lives and comforts them though I know it will never end their suffering. I also pray that we, as Americans, continue to remember these families and celebrate their lives.

I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite authors:

“There are ways and ways of dying, and some of them leave you walking around.” – Anna Quindlen

God Bless America and those who died, both literally and figuratively in the 9/11 tragedy.


  • By Joanne Larson, September 29, 2011 @ 11:14 am

    Just found your blog, thanks. I have started my own chronicling life with my son who has Tourette syndrome ( I will link to your blog on my site. Thanks again.

  • By Moxie Momma, October 4, 2011 @ 11:27 am

    Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for stopping by and linking my site to yours. I’ll be visiting your site soon.

    Take care,

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