Five Things Friday – Why I Have Been MIA

Here are 5 reasons I have been MIA for so long.

Reason #1: Summer is a suck! Yep, I bah-humbugged that 12-week black hole that comes every year and dumps buckets of humidity ridden heat on my doorstep, along with two people who begin the holiday as my sons and end as my sworn enemies.

Reason #2: When it rains it pours…cats and dogs. So, over the course of the past few months I have been nursing my kidney-diseased 18-year-old cat Smudge, my newly blind, newly diabetic 8-year-old Min Pin, Neutron, and my attention-seeking, Tylenol-scarfing dog, Eva.
Let me ‘splain that last one. Eva is our 1-year-old rescued dog and I love her dearly. However, she has a bad habit of eating my life in small pieces everyday – small pieces like a flip-flop, remote control, ink pen or in one particularly memorable binge a bottle of Tylenol – a meal that cost her 5 days in the ER vet and me $1300.

Reason #3: I am now a partner in a small business – Ink Tank Studios, LLC. My best friend and I decided to start making money doing what we love. ITS is a writing studio that specializes in developmental editing, copywriting and intellectual property and content development – in a nutshell we provide our clients with kick sass words! We just finished phase one on a big project for LeapFrog. Go Team Tank!

Reason #4: He’s Not Broken is agent ready. Laura, my editor and writing partner, has worked relentlessly to help me clean up my proposal in the few kid-free hours we had each week while the littles were in summer camp.

Reason #5: The summer heat mixed with the inferno temperatures that have become my own personal hell of a body (thank you whore-mones!), did little to fuel my creative fires. Too much freakin’ heat and humidity sucks the life right out of me.

So there ya go and here I am!

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  • By Colleen, September 9, 2011 @ 1:26 pm

    Missed you…glad to see you back!

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