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A new kind of hipster

Here I go again, redefining words that were doing just fine without my help. Hipster is defined in The Hipster Handbook as one who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool.

Now I’m not saying I’m all that, but I have always thought that I had fairly good taste in certain things.  I mean I was one of the revolutionaries of the 80’s who sported the ever popular rat tail.  I wore that thing with attitude.  Never mind the fact that I was also sporting my plaid, Catholic school skirt and forest green blazer.  If you are calling to mind the Britney Spears video you would be heading far off in the wrong direction.

My dad could often be heard saying, “Are you really going to wear that?”, which was a clear sign that I was doing something right.

Now as a 40 something mom I try to keep a bit of that hipster alive.  A toe ring here, a tattoo there.  Yeah, I’m that kind of mom.

Today I put on my strappy wedge heels from American Eagle – the ones that the way too cute and bubbly sales clerk, who was wearing the same shoes, assured me were sooooo comfortable.  I was getting a haircut and wanted to wear something other than my sensible, but cute, mom flats.  By the end of the day I wanted to kill the girl in AE.  Maybe 20 something feet are immune to pain, it’s been too long ago for me to remember.  But my feet were screaming. And on top of it all my right hip was joining the pain party.

Hip pain?  Isn’t that something only grandmothers deal with?  My husband’s reply, “Looks like you’re giving new meaning to the word hipster, huh?”

Smart ass.

So Much Better

That\'s me and my brother Dave circa 1984.  Lovely.

Me and my brother Dave circa 1984.  Lovely.

Okay, so we all rocked some pretty awesome looks in the 80’s.  Right?  Maybe not awesome now, but we sure thought we had it going on then.

The past few days I’ve spent catching up with one of my best friends from high school.  She’s been in Germany for 6 years or so now, so we rarely see each other.  It’s staggering to think that we have known each other for 26 years now.

Whenever we do get together I always like to bring up one particular time that I remember.  Granted time tends to morph our memories into faint resemblances of what they once were, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got this one right.

After graduating in 1985 (yes, I’m that old), my two best friends, Laura and Tresha, and I went our own scattered ways.  We kept in touch on and off, but life took us on three very different journeys.  One day a year or two after that, I ran into Laura in the mall.  And here is what she said, “Oh my gosh, you turned out so much better than I thought you would.”  I really don’t think I could have made that one up.  I had no idea how to respond to this.  It was a compliment, right?!  I know she meant well, but I do remember being somewhat confused at the time.

Time.  That’s always a good thing.  Despite our petty differences played out in the setting of our old Alma Mater SVA, we have maintained a very strong friendship.  It’s funny how the things that you might have hated each other for back then, are the very things you laugh about now.

It’s good to have Laura back in the States.  We have a lot of catching up to do.  And I’m really thankful that our friendship turned out so much better than I thought it would.

Five Things

I figure we all have things about us that not many people know. And maybe no one really wants to know. But I’m feeling generous tonight so gather round my friends here are five things about me that you may not know.

1. I am a cold person. Not mean cold, but cold-natured. I can be cold in 85 degree weather. I turn on my car seat heater every day no matter what the temperature is outside. Perhaps this is why I didn’t last very long in Cleveland, OH.

2. I believe in ghosts. Well, spirits at least. In fact, I know I have been visited by my father on several occasions. Once I saw a bright orb floating over my sleeping son. I’m convinced it was a guardian angel. No joke. Okay, I’ve probably lost a few friends now who are ready to send me off to the looney bin. I love Ghost Hunters and have done a Ghost walk here in Savannah (one of the most haunted cities) praying I would run into some Civil War ghost or something. Sadly, I didn’t.

3. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider when I lived in Memphis. I had no idea. Just some weird bruise on my leg. A friend strongly suggested I go to the doctor and he comes out with a nasty looking spider in a jar and says this is what bit you. How in the world could something like that bite me without me knowing it??

4. I had my own business in high school selling bow earrings. If you remember these, then you are a product of the 80’s as well. Also proving I was blessed enough to have lived through the 80’s is the fact that I was the proud owner of a rat tail. A rat tail that my mother forbid me to get. Ahh, the beauty of high school.

5. I cry a lot. Sometimes I have a reason. Sometimes not. I am a very sentimental person and things resonate with me very loudly sometimes. For example, I got hooked again on Joan of Arcadia reruns. I love the spiritual side of that show. And although I’m not exactly a religious person (don’t belong to a church) I am most definitely a spiritual person. I cried in each and every show. I also tend to listen mostly to sad songs, read sad books…guess I’m sort of a sad person, though I prefer the term melancholy and find it to be quite romantic.

And here’s a freebie: I love bats. I like to play bat ball at night with my son. We throw a tennis ball up in the air and the bats swoop down. If I could, I’d have a pet bat, a small one, and keep him in my shirt pocket (after I bought some shirts with pockets). I’d kiss him on his cute bat lips every chance I got.

So there you have me…or not.

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