Why Heinz had it right in the 70’s

If you’re old enough to remember the 70’s then you’ll get my reference when I say “anticipation”. If, on the other hand, anticipation, to you, means waiting for your Kindle book to download so you can read the latest bestseller without having to leave the comfort of your couch, then you’re missing the point.

Remember the days when you couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving because the day after was the day when the Christmas spirit began? The days when Santa wasn’t disguised as some corporate mind who wanted to jumpstart the Christmas cheer (and his profits) in October?

Well, let me tell ya people, Ho Ho Ho has taken on a whole new meaning as the marketing gurus sell out to cash in. Ho indeed!

The day after Halloween I was in Michael’s scoring some scare for next year’s big party. As I filled my basket with skeletons and witches, I was stopped dead in my tracks when what to my wandering ears did I hear…Frosty the freaking Snowman???! Unless Frosty is sporting a costume or donning turkey feathers I’m thinking he’s way out of line showing up in the middle of someone else’s month. Damn Frosty that’s cold!

So how does Heinz fit into this you wonder? Remember the ketchup commercial where the ketchup came out painfully slow as the hungry waited in, wait for it, anticipation? Carly Simon’s song played in the background: Anticipation. Anticipaaation. It’s making my wait. It’s making me craaaaazy.

The sad thing is that even ketchup doesn’t come out all that slowly anymore thanks to the squirt bottle. No wonder our world is so impatient. We are spoiled and denied the beauty of a good wait.

I miss the crazy. My kids have no idea what it means to wait for Christmas. The painfully sweet days leading up to Thanksgiving when your parents would pull out the Elvis and Carpenters Christmas albums and dig the decorations out of the bowels of the attic. Opening each box was a treat in itself, guaranteed cheer and good will.

Now the cheer comes out to freaking early and by the time it’s December I’m pretty much reaching my bah-humbug point. I refuse to buy anything Christmasy until after Thanksgiving. But then the problem becomes finding what I need. You see, if I’m lucky and I time it right I can get the decorations for 70% off because they need to make way for flip-flops and beach gear…in De-freaking-cember!

My Christmas wish is that we could somehow bring back the magic of the longing for Christmas so our kids could appreciate it more. See what you can do about creating a bit of healthy anticipation in your holiday season. Teach your kids the wonder of the wait.

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  • By Kerry, November 11, 2011 @ 4:42 pm

    Oh I am SO right with ya, lady. I turned on the radio in the car last night and what did my wondering ears behold?? Yep…Vince Gill belting out Christmas tunes. Don’t get me wrong. Love me some Vince…AFTER Thanksgiving. Otherwise he gets as old and stale as bread dropped behind the stove and forgotten until the New Year. I wish commercialism hadn’t killed Christmas. It’s just s-a-d!!

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